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Middag i oslo

Welcome to Benares Indian Restaurant: Crafting Unforgettable Dinner Experiences in Oslo, Norway!

Embark on a culinary journey like never before with Benares Indian Restaurant, your premier destination for an exquisite dinner in Oslo. Placed in the heart of Norway, we offer the best culinary experience that has made us synonymous with high-quality dining with moments filled with finest flavours of the Norwegian cuisine right at your doorstep.

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Having dinner is not just a matter of having a meal. Rather it can be an opportunity to create lasting memories. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor who is out there exploring the Norwegian topography and culture, a visit to our restaurants will make your stay at Norway complete in every aspect. We are committed to make your experience of dinner in Oslo a special one. Say goodbye to mundane dining routines and immerse yourself in the enjoying the luxury of a restaurant with high-quality dining as its foundation.

Our message for you is not to settle for the average. We encourage you to explore the variegated tastes of Norway along with your special guests at special locations of Oslo. Our diverse menu caters to a a diverse range of palates, including a blend of authentic Norwegian dishes and international delights. Each item that we make is filled with ample skilful expressions of our professional chefs, who through their years of experience will not fail to impress you with the taste of the food that we offer.

Your dinner in Oslo is going to be very special due to many reasons. Picture this: a tranquil evening in Oslo, surrounded by the breath-taking landscapes of Norway, and a gourmet dinner laid out before you. Benares Indian Restaurant transforms your dining space into a private sanctuary, where you can relish the best of Oslo's culinary offerings without the hassle of reservations or crowded restaurants. This is something that is unique to us and no other service provider in the region can guarantee the combination of scenic beauty and taste that we have in store.

This is your chance to make the most of what we call a once in a lifetime opportunity. Dinner in Oslo is a celebration of all things Norwegian and Benares Indian Restaurant is there to take care of the details of it. Whatever be your cause – an evening with family, a friend’s night out or a romantic evening, we promise you the best experience in our restaurants.

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